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We Live Inside You

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We Live Inside You by Jeremy Robert Johnson

"WE LIVE INSIDE YOU is fucking terrific. Jeremy Robert Johnson is dancing to a way different drummer. He loves language, he loves the edge, and he loves us people. These stories have range and style and wit. This is entertainment... and literature."

 — Jack Ketchum, author of Off SeasonThe Girl Next Door, and The Woman (w/Lucky McKee)  

We are within you, and we are growing. Watching. Waiting for your empires to fall. It won't be long now.

We are the fear of death that drives you and the terrible hunger that reshapes you in its name. We are the vengeance born from senseless slaughter and the pulsing reptile desire that negates your consciousness. We are the lie on your lips, the collapsing star in your heart, and the still-warm gun in your shaking hands. The illusion of control is all we'll allow you, and no matter what you do...

We Live Inside You


"Favorite collection for 2011: WE LIVE INSIDE YOU."  

 — Stephen Graham Jones, author of The Ones That Got Away and It Came From Del Rio

"A haunting collection from a wildly talented author, WE LIVE INSIDE YOU is composed of nineteen perfectly-wrought nightmares, every one of which will stay with you long after you've finished reading."

 —Peter Craig, author of Hot Plastic and Blood Father, co-screenwriter of The Town

"The people populating these stories are real and vital and you WILL care, deeply, about what becomes of them... and in JRJ's harsh universe, baaaaad things happen. Often. Prepare thyself."

 —Craig Davidson, author of Rust and Bone and The Fighter

"The guy's a genius. Reminds me of William Gibson--the dark interest in altered states of consciousness, the unrelentingly furious forward movement, and the same kind of unlimited imagination."

 —Ben Loory, author of Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

"Waaaay out at the deep end of the collective unconscious--where even the bravest of brain cells fear to tread--Jeremy Robert Johnson performs stand-up comedy for the gods. And their laughter is a marvelous, terrible thing. He's the kind of post-Lovecraftian genius berserker who makes the Great Old Ones new again. As with Clive Barker, there is no glorious mutational eruption that Johnson can't nail directly through your gawping mind's eye."

 —John Skipp, NY Times Bestselling author of Spore (w/Cody Goodfellow)



"WE LIVE INSIDE YOU is a genre-bending mix of stories akin to a literary blitzkrieg and 'Persistence Hunting' is one of the best noir stories you'll ever read."

—Horror Talk


We Live Inside You

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