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Recently people have been asking if I have a site banner they can use to link to Swallowdown Press/  Feel free to use it:


And THANK YOU! to those who have linked to my site, and those who may in the future!

Author’s note: Here are some sites that I frequent often, and occasionally, often frequently, although if I often too much I get the asthma real bad.

Powell's Books – Known as the City of Books, and with good reason.  Vast, comprehensive, and legendary, Powell’s is my favorite book store on Earth.

Craig Davidson - Website and journal for the hugely talented author of Rust and Bone and The Fighter.  Amusing, and often insightful with regards to the life of a writer.

Reading Frenzy – Looking for independent press in Portland, OR?  RF is a must visit.

Cameron Pierce – Author of the wonderful LOST IN CAT BRAIN LAND and a solid fisherman.

J. David Osborne – Check out GOD$ FARE NO BETTER, a serialized crime novel from Swallowdown Press author J. David Osborne.

Fall of Autumn – Great resource (and source of entertainment) for DIY folks/zinesters/anybody who wants to create.

Perilous Press – Home of writer extraordinaire Cody Goodfellow, author of the incredible Radiant Dawn & Ravenous Dusk novels. 

Verbicide- Verbicide is one of the best music/art/literature-based magazines on the market. Insightful writing and interviews with your next favorite band.

DFW - There’s not enough hyperbole for me to even write about this guy. Should've won a Nobel Prize for Infinite Jest.

Alan M Clark - The home of some of the most gorgeous, surreal, and intense artwork I’ve ever seen. Imagine dolphins, possessed by a Hieronymous Bosch hive-mind, with paint brushes strapped to their bodies. Imagine that they’re diving in and out of vats of oil paint, slamming into marble walls and coughing up simian bones. Imagine that. You’re still not ready for what Alan M. Clark’s art can do to your brain.

Dark Discoveries – A dark fiction magazine with an excellent and seamless mix of new writers and your favorite pro’s.  Although newer to the horror magazine game, they’re already gaining a reputation as one of the best in the business thanks to their top notch fiction, interviews, profiles, and reviews.  Absolutely worth reading.

Mars Volta - I will never, even with years of training and special anabolic rock steroids, rock as hard as these guys.  And people literally explode at their live shows, so wear a raincoat, or a tarp, or just some clothes you don’t really have any sentimental or fiscal attachment to.  These guys are the best.

Def Jux - Hip hop label of the century. No matter what century you’re reading this sentence in. End to end burners guaranteed.

Saul Williams - Saul is a poet, writer, actor, and musician.