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The Deadheart Shelters by Forrest Armstrong

"The literary equivalent of an Alejandro Jodorowsky film." — Carlton Mellick III

Never fall in love, and never try to escape.

Born into a life of brutal slavery, Peter spends his days driven into the wild by vicious dog-masters, forced to pick delicate swamp berries from the skeletons of dead reptiles. His nights offer only the brief escape of hushed conversation and the strange magnolia perfume of fellow slave Lilly.

A moment's opportunity turns to violence and Peter is thrust into a bizarre new world populated by devious goat-men, poisonous coal-slugs, and murderous royal processions. With the help of his newfound companion, a man-sized infant named Dirt, Peter must decide between embracing his narcotic new world or returning to his old life to save the beautiful souls haunting his dreams. With a unique poetic prose style Forrest Armstrong delivers a surreal and resonant Bizarro parable for all those who find themselves trapped deep within...

The Deadheart Shelters

"Thirty years have passed since I read The Ticket that Exploded, but I think I've finally found a writer with the skill to cut Dr. Benway's rusty surgical blade through the next leg of the run through the nightmarish urban jungle: Forrest Armstrong. His serrated language drips with blood."  — The Journal of Experimental Fiction

"There aren't many writers, apart from Milton and Dante, who have such energy and invention, and ease of execution. Forrest Armstrong has vast talent."
—Tom Bradley, author of Lemur and Fission Among the Fanatics



Deadheart Shelters

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