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We Live Inside You

All-Monster Action

Reverend By the Time We Leave Here We'll be Friends

Deadheart Shelters

Perfect Union

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Angel Dust Apocalypse

Siren Promised

Extinction Journals


·   "We Live Inside You" Swallowdown Press 2011 Winner of the 2011 Wonderland Award for Best Collection

·   "Extinction Journals" Swallowdown Press 2006

·   "Siren Promised" (w/Alan M. Clark) Swallowdown Press 2006 (Paperback)

·   "Angel Dust Apocalypse" Eraserhead Press 2005

·   "Siren Promised" (w/Alan M. Clark) Bloodletting Press 2005 (Hardcover) Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award

-Stories in Magazines-

·    "The Musty Cow’s Teat of Death” (w/Alan M. Clark) The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction #5, 2011

·    "Cathedral Mother" The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction #4, 2010

·    "The Oarsman" Dark Discoveries #17, 2010

·    "Faded Into Impalpability" (w/Bruce Holland Rogers) Cemetery Dance #60, 2009

·    "La Liga De Los Ceros" (Spanish translation of "The League of Zeroes") Quimera #290, 2008

·    "When Susurrus Stirs" Bare Bone #10, June 2007

·    "Branded" Verbicide #18, November 2006

·    "A Flood of Harriers" Cemetery Dance #56, September 2006

·    "The Sharp-Dressed Man at the End of the Line"  Verbicide #16, March 2006

·    "Siren Promised-Book Excerpt" The Meat Socket #5, March 2006

·    "Priapism" The Meat Socket #5, March 2006

·    "Amniotic Shock in the Last Sacred Place" (graphic adaptation) The Meat Socket #5, March 2006

·    "Swimming in the House of the Sea"  Verbicide #15, 2005

·    "Dissociative Skills" City Slab #6, 2005

·    "Snowfall" Verbicide #13, 2005 Nominated for the 2006 Pushcart Prize

·    "Siren Promised-Book Excerpt" Dark Discoveries #4, 2005

·    "The League of Zeroes" Verbicide #11, 2004

·    "Sparklers Burning" Horrorfind, 2004

·    "Working At Home" THE EDGE- Tales of Suspense #18, 2004

·    "Deeper" Glass Tesseract - Vol. 3, 2003

·    "A Number of Things Come to Mind" Happy #17 2002 Nominated for the 2002 Pushcart Prize

·    "Liquidation" Happy #15 2000 Nominated for the 2000 Pushcart Prize


-Stories in Anthologies-

·    "The Sharp-Dressed Man At The End of The Line" The Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade, 2012 Eraserhead Press

·    "Laws of Virulence" Warmed and Bound: A Velvet Anthology, 2011 Velvet Press

·    "The Gravity of Benham Falls" Red Blood Black Sky, 2011 Another Sky Press

·    "When Susurrus Stirs" Werewolves and Shapeshifters, 2010 Black Dog & Leventhal

·    "The Musty Cow’s Teat of Death" (w/Alan M. Clark) Boneyard Babies, 2010 Lazy Fascist

·    "La Liga De Los Ceros" "Nieve" "Luminary" (Spanish language translations) Agua/Cero, 2007 Proyecto Liquido

·    "Consumerism" Falling from the Sky, 2007 Another Sky Press

·     "Trigger Variation" The Vault of Punk Horror, 2007 Punk Horror Press

·     "Simple Equations" A Dark and Deadly Valley, 2007 Silverthought Press

·     "Extinction Journals" Bizarro Starter Kit (Orange), 2006 Bizarro Books

·     "The Sharp-Dressed Man at the End of the Line"  Northwest Horrors, October 2006

·     "Last Thoughts Drifting Down" TEL : Stories, 2005 Wheatland Press

·     "The Gravity of Benham Falls" Ghosts at the Coast: The Best of Ghost Story Weekend Vol. II 2005 TripleTree Pub

·     "Luminary" Darker Than Tin, Brighter Than Sin, 2004 Cafepress Publishing &  Rabe Phillips

·     "Amniotic Shock in the Last Sacred Place" - Pain and Other Petty Plots, 2003, IFD Publishing


-Podcast Appearances/Audio Recordings-

·       "Books & Booze: Interview W/JRJ", 2013

·       "BOOKED: Interview W/JRJ", 2012

·       "BOOKED: Review of WE LIVE INSIDE YOU", 2012

·       "Callin' On Colin: Interview W/JRJ", 2009

·      "The Sharp-Dressed Man at the End of the Line" July 2006, Fall of Autumn  Zinester Podcasts series.  
Production by Remote View.



·       "He Will Live Inside You: 21C Interview W/JRJ", 2013

·       "The Great Audiocelluloid Freak-Out" Jeremy Robert Johnson Interviews Cedric of The Mars Volta, Verbicide #18, November 2006

·       "The Lost and the Damned w/Jeremy Robert Johnson", October 2006

·       "Steve Vernon w/Jeremy Robert Johnson" Cemetery Dance #56, September 2006

·       "Hernan Ortiz w/Jeremy Robert Johnson" Generacion, May 2006

·       "SCI FI Wire & JJA w/Jeremy Robert Johnson" SCI FI Wire, April 2006

·       "Message Board of the Damned w/Jeremy Robert Johnson" April 2006

·       "Mikhail w/Jeremy Robert Johnson" The Meat Socket #5, March 2006

·       “Brian Keene w/Jeremy Robert Johnson & Other Bizarros” Hail Saten, December 2005

·       "James Beach w/Alan M. Clark & Jeremy Robert Johnson" Dark Discoveries #4, March 2005



·       "The Mars Volta’s Descent Into Bedlam: A Rhapsody in Three Parts" The Mars Volta’s The Bedlam in Goliath Album Release Story, 2007 (Check out a PDF of the write-up by clicking here.  Includes “bonus materials”: a t-shirt design based on the piece, and hand-written composition notes.)